Driven by her passion and commitment towards a green ecosystem and way of life, URMI is entrepreneur & revivalist Kavitha Chandran’s contribution to the booming ethical fashion and textile industry in India since January 2016.

Stemming from the need of the hour – sustainability and the resuscitation of extinct Indian weaves – the homegrown label produces superior quality and well-designed handbags using non-degradable plastic waste.

Empowering female weavers from insurgent areas in and around Coimbatore, each handbag is meticulously hand woven. Every craftsperson invests between 8 to 22 hours into crafting a single product, depending on the style.

URMI birthed from Kavitha’s fascination for home-made woven handbags created in South India. After months of rigorous R&D experimenting with weaves in various designs and shapes, weavers were identified and trained by the brand to create the products being retailed today. Currently, the brand incorporates 4 weaves into their collections – Shiva Eye weave, Flower Bud weave, Star weave and Regular weave